5 Pro Rocket League Skills G2 ESPORTS


Skill factor number one: right place, right time Unless you’re a Rocket League vet, at first glance it might be difficult to distinguish exactly what makes a Rocket League pro so special This is partly because they’re competing against other pros which means the playing field is levelled. But one thing that is always present in a Rocket League pros game is the ability to consistently be in the right spot at the right time. This extended to everything on the playing field. In other words it’s a level of awareness that most players don’t have. For instance sometimes I wake up, but I’m not even aware what month it is, which is probably why I’m not a pro Yeah, that’s why Skill Factor number 2: game Casinoslots progressive jackpot slots┬áSouth Africa get your bonuses and win a lot of money.

All the skills we’ve covered in the series so far are utilized by Pros Put simply the pros are just better at it, and being better at it means they’re faster at it. After a certain amount of practice, the task can become so second nature, so instinctual that it can be performed at breakneck speed with little to no thought It’s at this level that the pros are playing Rocket League, and it’s another reason why it looks so effortless The ability to react, recover and attack in an instant is essential at this level, in a game where speed, is king. Skill factor number 3: next level teamwork Have you ever known someone so well that you know what they’re thinking?

Yeah me neither But I imagine that’s what it’s like to be on a professional team After playing with each other for a while a pro team develops an understanding of each other’s movements and positioning. It’s really tough to be at the top of your game in Rocket League if you’re not confident about where your teammates are Knowing that your teammates have your back is essential, and it’s one of the keys to a successful Rocket League pro team. Skill factor number 4: time commitment While the skills we’ve covered may look easy on video, the truth is they take an insane amount of hours to become decent at it. Much less, in fact. Most pros have over 3,000 hours of gameplay the belt.

This is testament to the fact that to be pro at anything, you kind of have to love it And these guys love the game of Rocket League at a level I’m guessing it quite suffice the old marriage. This analogy is getting weird. The point is: these guys play obsessively. They put in their time, and now they’re among the best – in the world.

Factor number 5: Consistency One of the most well known Rocket League pros – Kronovi – once said consistency was the most important thing that separates pros from the rest I’d counter by saying it’s the proficient car control, shooting, passing, dribbling, teamwork, speed, air dribbles, defense and countless hours in game But he still has a point. There are plenty of top-tier players in Rocket League But only a relative few that play on Rocket League’s biggest stage. These guys don’t just have the technical skill but also the ability to remain focused and in control which leads to unparalleled consistency. Just another reason why they’re here and we’re at home wondering why we suck at Rocket League. Speaking of being at home I kind of want to go play some Rocket League.

Thanks for watching this series. My name is SunlessKhan and if you want more tips and videos on Rocket League, you can find me on YouTube and Twitter Good luck out there. The universal open 2v2 competition is here Get your tickets for the grand finals at the esports arena in Santa Ana on August 26th and 27th.

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