E-sport Dad

Hi kid how was school today? It was okey i guess Okey, what did you do in school? We had a math class, we learned about decimal numbers Okey, did you get any homework? Yes, I have some math homework Ok, you know what dad does the homework so you can play some videogames. Okey? Good, dad will handle the math homework No no, mom listen decimals should be three zeros? Right. When it is thousand Oliver, he doesn’t have time, he is practising before the stream Yes, yes i will solve this good three zeros

How is it going? It’s going ok but im getting tired Tired?!? You have bearly played for 2 hours Did you have time to train your aim? Yes, but not that much But i want to read my book now Book?!?! Okey, you will listen to Heat0n’s biography again So you can continue training Heat0n left his hockey career to be a cs professional You respect stuff like that priorities TV Noice WTF is this? Are you watching oldies sports? Ninja is Streaming He got hundreds of thousands of viewers each day Do You understand how much he has sacrificed? To get where he is today Don’t you understand that dad also want a Mclaren? No but Sweden is playing and im watching the game and im texting my friends on snapchat Give me you phone Hello, Oliver doesn’t have time to watch fotball (soccer) He will watch Ninja. The stream is live okey do you get it? BYE BYE irresponsible parents that let’s their kids watch fotball (soccer)

It’s Ninja now… Build a hole. Take out your shotgun Hey, it has been bad with subs on Olivers channel today. He is best on fortnite for his age Soon one hundred wins Grandma_1337 just subscribed One sub, someone subscirbed Good Thank you for the sub Oh my god Welcome to Olivers sub planet. Population: YOU NOICE You need to be happy now Good played today Dad will go and get some food Win some more game Thanks for the sub WOOHO YEAA Thank you Grandma for the sub, dad got super happy Oliver the food is ready To celebrate the subscriber Good with food Billys panpizza, Dreamhacks “official food” Many gamers has eaten this It will be so good YOO guys dont forget to check out Oliver’s channel in the description Right Oliver? You need to get some subs E-Sport Dad