Football Betting Odds

It is time for American Football Betting Odds. Can you feel the excitement in the air? There is nothing better than bet on football and watching the game with your friends. The American Football Betting Odds season is just around the corner. Is there a big secret to winning at handicapping football? Are you armed with the knowledge so you can select the winning football picks? Can you turn all the stats and trends into a winning formula? Where can you find stats, tactics, picks and other information, so you can make money betting pro football? So, If you like to bet on football we will show you where to go to place your bets.

Pro Football Betting Odds line for a match are prepared after careful study and analysis. Inaccuracy will adversely influence the betting lines and can swerve the bettor in the wrong direction. In most cases the odds reflect the current NFL betting scenario. Long term winnings and constant high returns are rare for all professional handicappers and bettors. The average long term winning percentage is less than 58 % even for professional bettors.

Point Spread Football Betting Odds

Point spread NFL odds are determined to even the chance of winning or losing in a betting game. The spread equalizes the number of bettors on either teams and promotes consistent gambling. If the handicappers anticipate a particular team as having lesser chance of winning, points are added to their scores and the same points are subtracted from the team expected to win. The sportsbooks can adjust point spread odds at any time if betting is excessively slanted towards one particular team.

The favorite team is listed with a negative number as the prescribed points have been subtracted from them and the underdog is listed with a positive number since the points have been added on. In point spread football betting odds, events that tie are considered no action. Here is an example to further illustrate point spread wagering in NFL.

Take an NFL match between Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons where the expectation is that the Bears will win at a point spread of 6. Chicago Bears will be denoted by +6 and Atlanta Falcons by -6. If you choose to bet on Bears–

  • You will win the bet if they win by more than 6 points.
  • You will lose the bet if they win by less than 6 points.
  • The bet is ‘no action’ if they win by exactly 6 points, in which case the money is returned to you.
  • In most matches, in order to make a winning of 100, you will have to bet 110.