Interview: William Kassouf

Every poker player should known this gentleman. This is William Kassouf Will, after last WSOP you’re one of the most popular or famous poker player in the world. How does the quote „9 high like a boss“ changed your life? Yeah its resonation around the world in every card room and every country. Since, it’s spreading like a world fire. Its good to be inspiration for so many recreational players.

They look up to me, and thinking yeah the dream is still alive, the poker dream is still alive and they can do it, keep game fun and enjoyable at online casinos that accept us players, entertainment as possible Poeple will say you need personalities in game, not just myself. I try to spraid it, to get the world around. You need more interesting people to get more recreational players to the game, to get it more lovely and boost the prize pools and make it exciting for every player.

Recreational or pros. So, just keep it fun. That’s the message that i try to get across. Thousands of people right after the WSOP loves you, thousands hates you.

Whats is your opinion on that that you are probably one of most controversial player now on the tour. Yeah, i think i have more lovers than haters of my game. I think i being respected for my game and what i did at WSOP make me controversial in terms what i did.

The speech play and banter, I think lot of american want use to it. They didnt get it, dont understand it got under they skin, they took it personally. Other players like Andrew Christoforou another Brit like played of me and bounce of it. It was played in to his hands and it was advantage for him. But lot of Americans was against it.

It was to their determined, they went on tilt loosing chips to me. Your speech play and trash talk are legend on the internet and Youtube. Probably everybody has saw it. How important part of your play is speech play? Its big part of my game.

You know i think i am better post-flop player than pre-flop player. I think i get people to like call when i wanna them to, fold when i wanna to. You can represent so many more hand post flop than pre flop so i want to get inside of oponents minds, trying convinced them you got nuts when you got nothing and vice versa. Thats the kind where the skills comes in. To trying to get in opponents mind, why they are trying to think what you have and vice versa.

So all that kind of like different level of live strategy and thinking that whole psychological aspect of the game. Thats the big part of my game. Here in Kings Casino Rozvadov was big rematch in heads up.

You against Stacy Matuson. How did you enjoyed it? Yeah it’s good experience for me. Its first heads up match i ever played, i never played heads-up.

I think she held more grudge from World series for last seven months. I played just best i could but maybe i played too conservatively. In heads-up you should play more aggressively but i think looking back in stream she had lot of good hands lot of better hands, then i did.

She hit lot more flops then i did post flop. So its easier for her, when she got the hand. Especially in heads-up to win eventually. And best of three top structure doesnt really prove much. I said that before it start, it doesnt proves who is better player or what change, what happend in World Series last summer when i got lay down Queens with Nine high like a boss. And u know under pressure in biggest arena of poker.

So thats never gonna change. So yeah good like to her, it was her birthday at that heads-up day. It was fun and good experience and exposure so… My last question. How special is for u when in every single tournament people want make selfies with you and do lot of interview with you.

Do you feel like poker celebrity right now? Yeah, i think people giving me the odds of poker celebrity. They come to me and want me sign autographs, sign their caps, sign cards for them. Have selfies with them, yeah its been great its been phenomenal. Its good to be inspirational for lots of others, that look up to me and think its fantastic what i did.

Its great for the game and yeah great for the recreatonional players going in the game and think poker dream is still alive, they can do it.