Villains In Videogames

What’s the first thing you think of in your head when you hear the word “villain?” For me, it was this guy. His name is Verminous Skumm, and he’s the arch-nemesis of Captain Planet, who delights in running factories that only create pollution. Skumm – “When that chemical turns the clouds into rain, the coal smoke will turn the rain into acid!” Luckily, no one in the real world is as two-dimensionally evil as this guy, but when we see an actual person whose behavior is so heinous or outlandish as to be reminiscent of a fictional character, we call them a real-life villain. While villains in the FGC share similarities with ones in sports, especially microgaming online Canada, it’s not quite the same.

LeBron – “Um, in this fall, I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach and, um, join the Miami Heat.” Fighting game tournaments have upwards of thousands of players, and top players play each other regularly. Money matches can happen spontaneously in post-tournament gatherings known as the Salty Suite. This makes the potential for beefs much higher. But I’ll admit it now: Nothing beats a good villain, and I think they can enhance a competitive gaming community. Before you call me something terrible in the comments section, there are definitely some caveats. Allow me to explain. Stansfield – “I like these calm little moments before the storm…” There are two basic elements that make an FGC villain. The first one is unprovoked trash-talk. Nothing makes you a bad guy as effectively as good ol’ trash-talk, especially when you gloat about how easy your opponent is. Leffen – “Why should I waste my time practicing against him? I’m gonna beat him anyway.” Moriarty – “Now I don’t even have you. Because I’ve beaten you! “And you know what? In the end, it was easy!” But it has to be genuine.

Trash-talk with obvious product placement isn’t very convincing, and trash-talking your close friends doesn’t count. Tokido – “Every tournament, he gets second place.” [laughter] To truly reach villain status, you have to watch how the pros do it. Mike Ross – “…and I wanted to ask you your opinion.” FChamp – “Oh, does Diago suck? He does! He does, man, I told you! “I got him pregnant, you know what I mean? I got Diago pregnant, dog. “He’s- he’s been pregnant for the last three years, okay? “I haven’t been paying the child support because they don’t have that rule in Japan.” However, trash-talking can be used by heroes as well, as long as it’s in response to a villain. ♫ Respect Your Elders – chillindude829 ♫ ♪ Expose you as a fraud, yeah I’ll be blowin’ you up ♪ ♪ Who said you were a god? I know it wasn’t Plup ♪ ♪ Been here ten years, and you know I’m showin’ up ♪ ♪ For a man of many words, I think you’ve said enough ♪ You have to hand it to the Melee guys for the production value.